What is Islam?

khana-kaba-1The meaning of word islam comes from the Arabic word ‘salm’ that means peace. It is also derived from the word ‘silm’ which means to submit your will. So Islam will mean ‘the peace you acquire or gain after submitting your will to Almighty Allah’.

Based on the above two meanings, Islam’s basic Definition is that it is Submission to the will of One God to attain peace within one’s own self, with God Almighty and with His creation. If we truly explore Islam we find out that Islam’s ultimate Goal is to help the Human Being live in Complete Harmony in every perspective of life. The internal and external both kinds of peace is very essential for a human being’s better living in this world and the next world as well.

If people today truly understand the Simple Concept just behind the definition of Islam, they will not hesitate even for a second to embrace this faith. Today people think that Islam simply means a bunch of rituals, restrictions, old fashion traditions, back word beliefs and so forth. The reality is that Islam is in total opposition of all these false ideas and beliefs. Islam is the only faith which provided people with what western nations started trying to provide for their people only a few decades ago.

For example: Social Justice, Civil Rights, Women Rights, Racial Equality, Eliminating the Slavery were such sensitive issues that  the world saw people being tortured and getting beaten up just for asking their rights. In despite of all the struggle, even today we see crimes of Racial Discrimination being committed in our society. Whereas, Islam closed all doors to all of these problems over 1400 years ago when the rest of the world was living in dark ages.  In Islamic Society established by its Role Model ‘Muhammad (Alehissalam)’, these problems were solved with wisdom and peace. There were no processions, strikes and murders of innocent people for these rights. In other words, people did not have to come on the streets to ask for their rights, regardless of what their gender or race was.

When a person enters the circle of Islam after the ‘Shahaada’ which is basically an open announcement that the Allah Almighty is the only God and Muhammad (Peace be upon him) is the last messenger of Allah Almighty. In many books worshipping one God is referred to as Monotheism, but this concept of monotheism is claimed to be followed by many other religions such as Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism and Sikhism. These religions assert that they worship one God dwelling in different bodily forms, such as in Christianity the concept of Trinity; one God dwelling in three bodies. Similar is the case is in other religions.

But Islam preaches Oneness of Allah, no other form, no other body, Allah Almighty has no companions and no partner to worship, it is only Him who is worthy to be worshipped and nothing or no one else. All the people sent on this earth were never worthy to be worshipped, no idols and no angels. The only God is Allah.

First step is to accept the message delivered through all the messengers of Allah Almighty; the oneness of Allah Almighty.

Then second step is to accept that Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) was the Last messenger of Allah Almighty and after him (Peace be upon him) no other Prophet will come till the Day of Judgment.

These two steps are important for understanding Islam. First step creates humility in us. We know that Allah Almighty is the only One worth worshipping, the sole Ultimate power. Noting else can ever compete or can be compared. We submit our will to Almighty Allah.

A simple example can make it easy. This life is a test for us and there are some rules to follow. Imagine three students, the first one fills the name roll number subjects etc section and starts answering the questions, the second does not fill any information needed to be given no name, roll no, signature etc but attempt the test, third one fills the name roll no section but does not really knows the answer to the questions. Let’s see who gets to pass and who fails the test. After the test the result day came, the first student passed the test, the second even though attempted the test but got no marks, third student got margin line passing marks.  If you don’t fill the name roll no etc section all the hard work will go to waste, similarly if you don’t submit your will to Allah all your hard work and good deeds will not be able to award you.

Allah Almighty is merciful, he will forgive your sins, but never ‘Shirk’(associating partners to worship with Allah Almighty).

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