If invited at a wedding as a guest, it is the duty of muslim to dress up properly, our Prophet(S.A.W) used to dress according to the happy occasion. And be a part of the happiness that reflects upon the union of the two people who are to be married. A muslim is supposed to be considerate and not judgmental, the talk and conversation should not bring any distaste to the wedding ceremony.

Try not to discuss and gossip.

Allah gives us freedom and urges us to:

“…Marry the women of your choice…” Qur’an [4: 3]

Similarly, for the women:

“A girl came to the Prophet and informed him that her father had married her to her cousin against her wishes, whereupon the Prophet allowed her to exercise her choice. She then said, ‘I am reconciled to what my father did but I wanted to make it known to women that fathers have no say in this matter’”. [Ibn Majah]

So if both the bride and the groom liked each other and got married, it’s acceptable.

It is suggested that you congratulate the bride and groom, by reciting the Hadith narrated by Abu Dawud and Al-Tirmidhi, and authenticated by Ibn Maja and Al-Hakim, whereby the Prophet (PBUH) said:


‘May Allah bless your side and bless your counterpart and may Allah tie your union with virtue.’

 Do not try to use the frequently used expression ‘With comfort and children,’ because this was the phrase used by the people of ignorance (Jahilia). The Prophet (PBUH) had forbidden such a saying, and Allah, with His blessing, replaced it by the prayer of his Prophet (PBUH). Al-Bukhari reported that ‘Ayisha (RA) said:


‘When the Prophet (PBUH) married me, my mother led me into the house where women of Ansar were celebrating. They congratulated me with reward, blessing, and ‘best of luck’ wishes.


Islam permits women to rejoice a wedding by singing sophisticated songs, accompanied by a drum beat. Such poetries and songs should not indorse lust, lecherous desire, or depict physical beauty. Instead, they should sing pleasant and decent songs to express their happiness with the marriage. Al-Bukhari reported that ‘Ayisha (RA) said: ‘A bride was led to her Ansar husband. The Prophet (PBUH) said: O Ayisha, did you not have merriment? The Ansar love fun.’ He was referring to the singing and beating of drums.

Songs sung at weddings must be similar and have wholesome and seemly meanings. Songs of lust, passion and immorality should be avoided.

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