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In the Holy Quran the stories of Prophets are called “Qasas”. These stories are for us to ponder and we may learn a few things. These revelations for us are a blessing.

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Before the creation of mankind or Prophet Adam (Peace be upon him), there were Angels (Malaikah) and Jin, who worshipped Allah Almighty. They were the creatures who were made from light and fire. The angels were created from light and Jin from the fire.

Then thereafter Allah Taa’lah decided to create a Khalifah on the earth, A Khalifah has two meanings generally, the first one is the one who assumes the place of the other, as we say Abu Baker (the companion of The Last Prophet) was the Khalifah of Prophet Muhammad (May peace be upon him), referring to the fact that Abu Baker after the death of our Prophet (May peace be upon him) stood in the place of him and lead the Muslims of that time. The second meaning is the one who succeeds the. The second meaning is more appropriate and suitable for this word. The angels are immortal till the Day of Judgment and the jin have long life spans they do not succeed one another, but our kind succeeds. Adam (Peace be upon him) came he died but his children succeeded him. Similarly we are here but not forever, our children will take our place. We are succeeded by the one coming after us. The angels spoke of their fears, why create something that will create chaos, they will shed each other’s blood, cause destruction? We are here, we are worshipping you already. At that Allah Almighty said to them “I know which you do not know”.

So he created Adam (Peace be upon him)… The question is what is Adam (Peace be upon him) made of?
There are several words that mention Adam (Peace be upon him)s formation from dust, soil, clay and dark clay in the Holy Quran, why the need to mention these four, the answer is because it shows the different demographic of Adam (Peace be upon him)s existence in this world. But no heat was used in the creation of man. He created Adam (Peace be upon him) and left him there. He was neither a newborn nor did come into that form through growth. He was created an adult.

This is considered to be the footprint of Adam (Allah knows better)

This is considered to be the footprint of Adam (Allah knows better)

A very pious Jin, called “Iblis” who was watching Adam (Peace be upon him) coming in existence, and more or less his statue lying there, he was among the righteous worshippers of Allah Almighty, when he saw all the attention this creation was getting, he was jealous of Adam (Peace be upon him), on seeing his belly hollow from inside, he knew he could trick this being. He decided to refuse Adam (Peace be upon him)s superiority, because for him, his thousand years of prayers and worship should make him far more superior than Adam (Peace be upon him).

This arrogance lead him astray, the pride in his long span of worshipping and obeying the Almighty Allah made him disobey HIS will. And so his prejudice made him shaitan (Satan, Lucifer, devil, Leviathan).
The next article we will continue from where we had left this discussion. But this teaches us one thing. To be humble!
No matter how virtuous you are, never let the devil make you proud and despise others for it. Because this is a mistake he made and he will want you to make the same mistake!

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