Saleh (Peace be upon him) and Quom(Nation) of Samood

Prophet Saleh (Peace be upon him) was sent to the nation of samood. He was sent there for the same purpose as the messengers before him, to warn the people against idol worshipping, and to worship only Allah, and to beware of the Shaitan (The devil).

But like the nations before, the nation of samood also worshipped idols. Not only that they used to worship the rich from among them as well. Prophet Saleh (Peace be upon him) was a messenger of Allah and was among the people of samood. He was considered an intelligent man in his people, he was educated and belonged to a wealthy family, with a high standing in society. Not only that they also were about to appoint him their leader and representative.

The people of samood were huge and very powerful. Like the nation of aad they also build houses on the mountain ranges, but they were given power by Allah. They carved the huge heavy stones and made those their homes and lived in them.

The grave of Prophet Saleh AS (Allah knows better)

Prophet Saleh (Peace be upon him) started preaching the message of oneness of Allah. They started making fun of Prophet Saleh (Peace be upon him) and called him names. He started calling Prophet Saleh (Peace be upon him) a magician or insane.

Prophet Saleh (Peace be upon him) called them towards the truth.  They told saleh that if he would stop preaching and be like one of them, they will give him money and rewards, and would want him to lead them in the future.

Idol worshipping was not their religion. It was their business. They were greedy, arrogant and ignorant people.  But Prophet Saleh (Peace be upon him) made it clear to them that for him their money and wealth is of no concern. He came there to turn them to the right path from which they had drifted away.

They said that they would only believe that he was a messenger of Allah if he would do whatever they would demand for him to do. Prophet Saleh (Peace be upon him) was told by Allah to agree to the term.

They gathered and asked Prophet Saleh (Peace be upon him) to make the mountain in front of them blew open and then make a rusty red , ten months pregnant camel come out of it, it was tall and beautiful. Saleh told his nation that if what they requested is done, they all would stop worshipping the idols. They agreed. And so Allah sent a camel from the mountain, red, ten months pregnant.

Now the quom of samood was divided among two groups; the one who accepted the message and the others who called it magic. With the camel, came certain rules, the people were asked not to irritate the camel, and let it drink water from their well. It was not to be harmed otherwise the people of samood were going to suffer.


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