Quran: The Final Testament from God Almighty

quranIt is beleived the Qur’an is the Final Testament sent by God Almighty to the Manking for their guidance.  This book was revealed on the heart of a person known as Muhammad (Alehissalam) and it was brought by the Arch Angel Gabriel, the same Angel that was with Jesus (Isa Alehissalam) to support him.

The Revelation of this book started 1400 years a go and it took about 23 years time to complete the revelation. This book did not come altogethere like Torah or Bible. In fact, it came in short segments,verses and chapters so that Muhammad (Alehissalam) could learn and implement the message into his life. This is whats so unique about this book that it was being revealed and being lived by people at the same time. That is why Qur’an is a living reference for not only Muslims alone but for the rest of the humanity. It is a living reference because people did bring its message into their lives, in  a true practical manner. So, it is not a Book to be kept with a Priest or in a Church. Instead, it is a Book which provides a meaning to life for the humanity.

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