Quom Samud, the camel and their end

Saleh (Peace be upon him) was sent to the quom of samud, they were people who worshipped idols and the rich from among themselves. They like the Quam of Hud (Peace be upon him) also build houses, more like palaces and continued the shirk (to not worship Allah Taa’lah).

The camel came out from the midst of the mountain and it wad red, very tall and ten months pregnant. But they called it magic. And still they engaged in worshipping false gods. They were instructed by Allah Taa’lah to not harm the camel. Otherwise they will call for their own destruction. The camel was of miraculous qualities, it gave milk that was sufficient for hundreds of people, and the place it chose to sit or sleep on was abandoned by other animals. But the arrogant people of the samud wanted it to be gone. So they wanted to kill the camel. Soon the conspiracy was public.

When Saleh (Peace be upon him) came to know of it. He warned his people to not do anything to harm the camel and let it drink the water when it will be its day. But they were resolute in disobeying Allah Taa’lah. 9 people from among them gathered to kill the camel. They shot an arrow on her knee. The camel cried in pain, and when they had killed her.

They went back home and decided to wake up the next morning pretending they had not known of anything about the camel, like the others. The next day Saleh (Peace be upon him) left them with the believers. He warned them of the wrath of Allah Taa’lah, they had called upon themselves. But they were stubborn, they said we have houses made out of rock, nothing can destroy them. They boosted of their power. They did not take a lesson from the previous nations of Nuh and Hud (Peace be upon them).

They were in a delusion that they could defy and get away with it. But the days of Bad omen according to them had started. Their faces turned yellow first, then red and then black. They were not able to understand. Then one day, as they were dwelling in their homes, a sound came; so loud and of such a high frequency that it made their hearts burst.

The earth trembled with the intensity of the sound. And when they had been finished, Saleh (Peace be upon him) went to see them. Their houses were as if emptied. Nothing was left of them. He called them out and said you people never liked being advised. The lesson for us here is to peacefully listen to the advise people has for us and appreciate it, because the Prophets came and advised people to avoid adultery, wine etc and if we do not take that advice, we will be penalized for that.

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