Cain (Qabil) and Abel (Habil) , the first murder ever.-5

After both of sons of Adam (Peace be upon him), Qabil and Habeel had presented their offerings to Allah Almighty and placed it on the mountain top. A lightening struck and Habils offering was accepted by Allah Almighty, but Qabils offering was rejected. The reason was obvious; Habil (a shepherd) had offered his best sheep while Qabil (a farmer) had offered the rotten vegetable.

But the jealousy was further flamed by this. Qabil became envious of his brother, Habil was good looking, had beautiful wife and now his offerings were considered better. This teaches us a lesson that sometimes we tend to blame others for our misfortunes instead of holding our own selves accountable. He looked at his brother and told him that he was going to kill him. But his brother Habil told him that he will not fight him back because that will displease Allah.

Shaitan (The devil) ignited the fuel of sin. He made Qabil angrier so that he will take this step and kill his own brother. This was a crucial moment, as nobody had ever taken a life before; he knew he had to stop his breathing. He hit his brother with something really hard (most probably a rock) and his brother bled and died. After he had done it, he felt the immediate remorse. Here is another lesson for us, the Shaitan tempts us to do sin, but if we have some good left in us, as soon as we commit the sin, we start regretting the path that we took, and repent it. So Qabil did not know what to do next.

He stared at his brother’s body lying dead. He went away and then came back and stared. After he came back home, Adam (Peace be upon him) asked for his brother, and where had he been. But this Qabil tried to hide it and said that he is not responsible for wherever his brother goes. Adam (Peace be upon him) knew something had went wrong. Qabil would go to the place where he killed his brother and repent over his doing. Allah had mercy on him, and so HE sent a pair of crows, one crow buried the other in the earth and so Qabil got the idea to bury his brother in the ground.

According to some books, Qabil was so broken and shameful of his act that he went away from his home, some narrations say that he carried his brother’s body on his shoulder to a far off place and then buried him there. And so Qabil was the first to commit murder and the first to bury a man. With time Adam (Peace be upon him) children started to spread and inhabit different parts of the earth. And the Adam (Peace be upon him) saw his grandchildren and their children. And life on earth was beginning to spread.

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