Prophet Nuh (Noah) and his Quom(people,nation)

Prophet Nuh (Peace be upon him) preached the true message of oneness of Allah among his people. He was a rejected by his people. Not only that Prophet Nuh (Peace be upon him) was challenged by the people of his nation. He was threatened, they told Prophet Nuh (Peace be upon him) that if you will not stop they will stone him to death. He waited for them to turn to Allah. But when he saw that they were consistent in their disobedience, he prayed to Allah.  Before he made the dua for their destruction he made a statement to bear witness in front of his people. Every messenger after conveying the message asked their nations if they had delivered the message.  

So Prophet Nuh (Peace be upon him) called his people in day and in night. They went further away from the path of truth the more he called them. Every time he called them they put their fingers in their ears, imagine how insulting would that be for a messenger of Allah. They not only put the fingers in their ears above that they used to cover them up with their clothes, so he would know that they despise the truth and Prophet Nuh (Peace be upon him).

Prophet Nuh (Peace be upon him) called them in public and in private; in a mob and individually. He called them to ask for forgiveness of the one who made you. The merciful Allah will forgive you. Prostrate in front of only HIM.

Prophet Nuh (Peace be upon him) told his people if you will seek forgiveness Allah will not only forgive you, he will make it rain, (appropriate and correct amount of rain that will benefit you) and he will grant you contentment, he will provide you sustenance and wealth. Prophet Nuh (Peace be upon him) asked them to stop asking their false gods and beg forgiveness from the Almighty Allah. If you repent he will provide you with virtuous progeny. Allah will give you paradise if you increase your repentance. There is good news for the one who repents for his sins.

Prophet Nuh (Peace be upon him) continued warning his people and on the other hand he tried to give them hope. But nothing made them accept the truth. He spoke of the great skies above them and the moon (that shines) and sun (that gives off light). Allah created people from soil and they will end up in soil and mankind will be resurrected from this soil. Prophet Nuh (Peace be upon him) told his people that Allah was the one who created gravity so that you could walk.

After Prophet Nuh (Peace be upon him) tried everything and his people continued to plot against him. Their children were more rigid than they were, they were told by their parents to worship the idols.

Finally, Prophet Nuh (Peace be upon him) made a dua and asked Allah to destroy each and every one of them.

And Allah answered his dua.

Remember that those who are friends of Allah fear their grudge, because Allah listens to their dua!

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