Ark of Noah


In the last article we finished with Prophet Nuh (Peace be upon him) tired of his stubborn and illiterate nation who did not accept his true message of oneness of Allah and Allah being the only one worthy of being worshipped.

After his Dua, Allah Taa’lah responded and asked Prophet Nuh (Peace be upon him) to stop preaching the message of truth, because after his Dua was answered none of the people from his nation were going to turn to his preaching. Whoever accepted the message will be saved.

 Allah gives you chances to turn to his message. But after sometime, this opportunity is taken away from the person and he dwells in darkness forever.

Prophet Nuh (Peace be upon him) was told by Allah to make an ark. A tree will grew with the will of Allah, Prophet Nuh (Peace be upon him) cut that tree and took it to the top of the mountain as addressed by Allah. Then he would nail the new tree with the old one, and so on another tree grew, he cut it and joined it with the previous tree, it fitted like a jigsaw piece to the one before. The ark he built was more like a submarine. According to some books of the Israeli rawayat(stories), the ark was almost 900 meters long and 150 meters wide and 90 meters high. (Allah knows best)

When Prophet Nuh (Peace be upon him) was busy building his ark more like a submarine, his people would make fun of Prophet Nuh (Peace be upon him), mocking him that he should at least make the boat on some coast instead of making it on a mountain top.

 Now the preparation began. Allah told Prophet Nuh (Peace be upon him) to take the believers and a pair of every animal species. Take these people with you and get them to the ark.  The sign of destruction was when the earth will start to gush out water. The believers were from 11 to 80, for 950 years of preaching.

The clouds started pouring rain, the intensity of water coming down was so much that it would make sure the extermination,  the earth started gushing water out of it. The rain was pouring so hard that it was

Prophet Nuh (Peace be upon him) son was on the other side, among the Qafereen(disbeliever), when Prophet Nuh (Peace be upon him) called him in the ark, he said oh father I’m a mountain climber I’ll be fine. A huge wave came and drowned him.

The water from the earth and skies met at a point, and there was so no one left but the life in the ark. Then Allah stopped the rain and made the earth swallow the water back, and guided the ark to mount Judi.

No other believers who stepped out of the ark had children except Prophet Nuh (Peace be upon him). So after Adam (Peace be upon him), Prophet Nuh (Peace be upon him) is the mankind’s common Father. 

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