Prophet Ibrahim or Abraham (Peace be upon him)

 imagesProphet Ibrahim (Peace be upon him) is the messenger whose name is mentioned 73 times in the Quran, and even there is a surah in the Holy Quran named after him. All the messengers who came after the Prophet Ibrahim (Peace be upon him) were from his progeny. And even the last messenger Muhammad (Peace be upon him) was from his chain of family. 

The father of Prophet Ibrahim (Peace be upon him) was an idol worshipper, his people from the Arab were also engaged in this reckless act of Shirk (Worshipping something or someone beside Allah Taa’lah). Prophet Ibrahim (Peace be upon him) fathers name was Azar, who used to carve the idols and make them from clay. He used to earn his livelihood from selling those idols to the people of his time. At that time the rich used to buy bigger idols and the poor used to buy the small ones. The big idols according to the people of Prophet Ibrahim (Peace be upon him) were more powerful and hence would grant their wishes more quickly. They made idols of all kind. The one with big ears were so that they would listen more clearly etc.

Like the nations before this idol worshiping was a business for them. So they continued it with pleasure. But Prophet Ibrahim (Peace be upon him) was never among the ones who considered it right. He looked that the people prostrating infront of the idols, crying for their wishes to come true and praying for good things to come their way.

He came across the idol with the big ears and asked his father if this idol could listen to the people and what they had to ask it for, his father first tried to convince him and later said that this was the way he earns his livelihood, by selling the idols. Azar told Prophet Ibrahim (Peace be upon him) that this is what his forefathers used to do. And this is what he would continue to do.

But Prophet Ibrahim (Peace be upon him) was convinced that he will only worship the one who had made him. According to some of the narrations Prophet Ibrahim (Peace be upon him) was just 7 when he started to question the idol worshipping against all odds. He said that knowledge has come to me, follow me.

He made a point when he said that these idols cannot see, hear or even move.  There is no point in worshipping something that came into existence with our own hands. So he warned the people of his nation to not fall for the claims of their forefathers otherwise the most merciful Allah Taa’lah will punish you for this.

Prophet Ibrahim (Peace be upon him) said that he can only worship the one who:

  • Created me
  • Guides me
  • Feeds me and quenches my thirst
  • Makes me ill and grants me health
  • Cause my death and will give me life thereafter
  • And the one who will grant me forgiveness on the day of reckoning.


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