Prophet Hud (May peace be upon him) and Quom(nation) of Aad

In the Quran, the story of Nuh (May peace be upon him) is told. In the previous article we studied the story of Nuh (May peace be upon him) in the perspective of Islam. But after coming out of the ark still the children of Adam and Nuh (May peace be upon him) engaged in idol worshiper and disobeying.

They lived in the place called Aad. It is thought to be a place between Oman and Yemen according to the Islamic scholars. (But of course Allah knows better). It is stated the children of Nuh (May peace be upon him) were of greater size and had greater power. They were like tall pillars; Allah had not made someone taller than them before, they used to build huge buildings.

They had their palaces on the top of the mountain and then not live in them. They had their residence in the valley, where they dwelled in routine activity; they were building their houses as though they were going to live there forever. They bragged about their houses.

Hud (May peace be upon him) was born among them, he was one of them, the messenger of Allah. He told his people not to do shirk and only worship Allah. Do not associate partners with Allah.
They disobeyed and said Allah should have sent an angel to us, Hud (May peace be upon him) is just a human being, so we will not listen to him.

But this is the thing to ponder for us we should indulge in the truth, not the person telling us the right thing.  Even if a small child is telling us the right thing, listen, because he can be your chance to turn to the truth. The truth is always harder to conceive and interpret but once you comprehend it, it provides sustenance!!!

 The nation of Aad thought that they will not be held accountable for the rotten/evil deeds they committed. They were granted power and strength in their bodies so they had a the wrong idea that they were immortal and they can indulge in Shirk (Associating companions with the only Allah Almighty)
They made allegations that Hud (May peace be upon him) had lost his mind or is possessed by a Jin. They blamed that their gods had made Hud (May peace be upon him) mad.

 Actually their gods were a purpose for their wealth for them. That was more of a business than a spiritual thing. Even today the big mafias sell religion. Spirituality is not at all associated with money, status, wealth etc.

Worshipping Allah is a path of salvation for us not because it is the need of our spirit but because it frees us from all the clinging needs of apparent satisfaction.  Hud (May peace be upon him) told them that his only savior is Allah, don’t give any wealth to him. But so to speak, Nation of Aad wanted this world more than the world that was eternal.



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