Festivity in Islam (Eid)

Eid is an occasion of celebration and joy. Muslims celebrate their Eids with zest and zeal. There are basically two Eids that Muslims celebrate throughout the lunar calender.

Eid Prayer In Badshahi Mosque

  • Eid Ul Fitr
  • Eid Ul Adha

• Eid Ul fitr

This is the Eid celebrated after the end of the ninth month of fasting- Ramadan and is on the first of shawal (10th month of the Islamic Calendar).

After the prayer of Eid in an open ground, and wishing your Muslims brothers and sisters Eid, the day begins..

There is a tradition of cooking vermicelli, but it is not a religious treat. This is about bringing smiles to children’s faces as the adults have to give their children Eidi (It can be in the form of gifts or money)

Women and men dress neatly and traditionally wear vibrant dresses, women usually apply hannah or mehndi on their hands, in Asian countries bangles are accompanied with it.
The basic purpose of Eid is to rejoin close friends and family.

But Islam, the religion of peace never forgets the poor so fitrana is obligatory.

Fitrana or zakat -ul -fitar are the terms used to define that money which is obligatory to be given to the needy before Eid-ul fitar.



• Eid Ul Adha
This is the Eid of sacrifice, celebrated in the memory of Our beloved Prophet Abraham ( may peace be upon him). Muslims with a set amount of financial status have to buy an animal (goat, cow, sheep or camel) sacrifice it and distribute the meat among the needy, his relatives and can keep some for his own self.

This Eid is celebrated on the last month of the Islamic calender Dhū al-Ḥijja, on the 10th of this month. After the Eid prayer, the animal is sacrificed.

The distribution of meat adds to the festivity. The needy, poor and the travelers are able to have food. Relatives come together, different dishes are cooked.

Many charitable organizations get benefit from this event. These two Eids not only are a way to celebrate but to rejuvenate the community and society.

Muslims also have a tradition to go to the graves of their beloved ones and offer fatiha( A prayer offered for the deceased)

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