Destruction of Quam (Nation) of Aad

they were not followers of the truth but the followers of the parents and forefathers. Wrongdoings of their forefathers drifted them towards the path that brought destruction for them.

Here we learn a lesson that sometimes our children are right, and forefathers are wrong.

These were the first Arabs, according to one narration. But they engaged in shirk (Not worshipping the true God that is Allah).
These stories of saleh and hud are not mentioned in the old testament because these were purely arabian Prophets.

These people were tyrants, they killed as they desired. Allah Almighty warned them. And so did Hud(May peace be upon him). He asked his nation, his people to fear Allah Almighty.
The nation of Aad had beautiful gardens, huge houses and wealth.
They were arrogant they told their Prophet that it would not matter if the Prophet warns him or not. Because they do not fear the anger of Allah, they thought that they were stronger than the nation of Nuh(May peace be upon him).

They rejected the truth. And claimed that they were powerful and no one is more powerful than them. This prejudice was their cause of ultimate destruction. The Quam of Aad was intoxicated by the strength that Almighty Allah had given them.  

After this, they challenged Hud(May peace be upon him) go bring the destruction on us. They asked the Prophet to ask his Allah to wipe them off if their idol worshipping displeased Him.

Hud one day gathered his people and challenged them to plot against him. And to try to harm him if they would dare but they did not challenge him because deep down they knew the truth. They were too greedy to admit the truth. Along with pride and arrogance the matter of financial security also made them blind towards the truth. They kept quiet. Hud (May peace be upon him) asked Allah for help. Allah brought drought to their lands. They then used to go to their false gods and ask for mercy and rain. So Hud(May peace be upon him) told his people that it will rain only if you repent and seek forgiveness. But they still did not stop worshipping their false gods and started associating partners with Allah Almighty.

Then one day a dark cloud appeared upon them, they became happy, that it might rain, then the wind started blowing, ice cold howling wind. The storm with the wind stayed for 8 days and 7 nights, which completely destroyed them. The wind plucked them out, the storm was so great that it grinded them. Nothing was left of them. They were the ones who challenged the rage of Allah upon them.

They were destroyed. But those who believed were saved along with Hud (May peace be upon him). As the aftermath the nation of Hud or Aad vanished from the globe. They were destroyed because of Shirk.  The Quam of Aad destroyed so completely that it’s almost like they never existed. Not even archeologist been able to find the r


emains of the people  of Prophet Hud (May Peace Be Upon Him).


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