Death of Adam (Peace be upon him)-6

Adam (Peace be upon him) lived a long life. He was the first messenger of Allah Taa’lah who told his children to obey the commands of Allah Taa’lah and to never be among the one of the disbelievers. As time passed and he reached the age of 960, he became ill.

Adam (Peace be upon him) started craving the fruits from the Jannah (heaven). He remembered the taste of those fruits and was wishing for them. He was told by Allah Taa’lah to go to a certain place and he will get something. But Adam (Peace be upon him) was sick and ill, so he told his children to go to that place as per the wishes of Allah Taa’lah.

His children went there; they saw angels, who were white like light, the group of angels had some tools with them, like shovel, spade etc. These tools were not known by them. The angels told Adam (Peace be upon him) children that his time was up and went to Adam (Peace be upon him) with them.

As they entered his house, Hawa (Eve) knew, she had recognized the angel of death. She knew they had come for one of them. She was scared and so she hid behind Adam (Peace be upon him). Adam (Peace be upon him) told her not to worry and fear. This shows us the instinctive behavior of women; Eve felt safe hiding behind Adam. And Adam (Peace be upon him) instantly fitted in the character of the guardian or defender.

Adam (Peace be upon him) told hawa that they had come for him, as he was created before her. But he looked at the group of angels and asked, is my time up so soon, wasn’t there another 40 years left. And then he was reminded by the Angels that he had agreed to give 40 years of his life to Daud (David) (Peace be upon him).  

This was a sign of the parental nature of Adam (Peace be upon him), when he was told that daud (Peace be upon him) will live for 60 years, Adam (Peace be upon him) said cant he have more? 60 years are just too short. He then asked if he could give 40 years from his own life. And that was agreed.

He had forgotten that. When reminded, he agreed to go along. But at his deathbed Adam (Peace be upon him) he gathered his children for the final time. And told them that Allah Taa’lah will send his messengers to guide you, these messengers will be from different languages, dialects and colors. They will give this one message to you; to worship Allah Taa’lah and never associate partners with him (otherwise it will be the biggest sin) and to stay away from Shaitan (the devil).

Adam (Peace be upon him) was happy to leave this earth. He was happy to die. The reason is that he knew he was going back to the place he was once thrown out of; heaven.



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