Adam (Peace be upon him) on Earth-4

 Allah created Adam (Peace be upon him) and his progeny to worship Him, but that purpose was already being served by the Angels and the Jin. So why the creation of Adam (Peace be upon him)?  Human beings have the ability to repent and regret the sins they commit and ask for forgiveness, Adam (Peace be upon him) being the first to do that.

For forgiveness we need four steps:
1. To admit our sin
2. To feel remorse over it
3. Ask for HIS forgiveness
4. To never do it again

Man was given the sense to know what was right for him and what was wrong, he was given a choice. The righteous men and women, who are going to submit their wills knowing that they could dwell in disobedience, but choose to be among the believers. Such men and women will deserve Jannah (heaven).

According to Islamic scholars Adam (Peace be upon him) was about 60 feet tall and was given a life of 1000 years, but lived 960 years. (Because when he was told that Daud or David will live 60 years, Adam (Peace be upon him) agreed to give 40 years of his life to him, if Allah will permit).
Adam (Peace be upon him) was created on Friday and he entered the heaven on Friday; last hour of Friday, between the prayers of Asar and Maghreb, that is why many scholars say that this is the time when any Dua (wish, prayer) comes true. He was the first one to be taught the verse that asks for forgiveness from Allah Taa’lah.

Adam (Peace be upon him) came down in the Indo subcontinent, precisely Srilanka, we do not know it for sure, but muslim scholars agree on it, Hawa (eve) was put on the earth in Jeddah (which means grandmother, named after her). Adam (Peace be upon him) walked half the globe and when he finally met Eve, according to historians they met at the place of Aarafaat (in Saudi Arabia), he was forgiven on the place called Jabl-e-rehmat (The Mountain of forgiveness).  

Adam (Peace be upon him) and Hawa started their life. Hawa gave birth twenty (20) times and each time it was a boy and a girl. Adam (Peace be upon him) told his children all that happened in the heaven. The children were of different color and size. But they had to get married. The oldest among the children of Adam (Peace be upon him) was Qabil (Cain) and the one younger than him was Habil (Abel).

Qabil was not so good looking but Habil was handsome. The sister of Qabil was good looking (the womb sister), but the womb sister of Habil was not good looking. But Qabil did not want to marry Habil’s womb sister as she was not good looking, and refused to give his own womb sister to Habil. He insisted that he will rather have his own womb sister. But that was not possible. Qabil was jealous of his brother.

Allah asked Adam (Peace be upon him) to ask both Qabil and Habil to put some of their earnings on the mountain top. And if Allah will be pleased by them he will accept their offering. Qabil was a farmer and habil was a shepherd. Qabil went to the mountain top with rotten vegetables and Habil took one of his fine sheep there. Habils offering was accepted.



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